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Carbon and Energy

The Gazmont power plant is located near the Miron quarry in Montreal (Canada), where approximately 36 million tons of municipal solid waste have been buried since 1968. This closed landfill site is one of the largest in North America.

In 1988, the city of Montreal became the owner of this site and installed of a landfill gas collection system. Aware of the site’s energy potential, the city proceeded to a request for proposals and finally selected the Gazmont partnership for the construction and operation of a 25MW landfill gas to electricity power plant.

The Gazmont power plant is under the ownership of Biothermica and has been operated by the Dynatech company since 1996.

The construction of the plant, representing a private investment of $37 million, began in April 1995. It has been in commercial operation since November 1996, selling all of the power produced to Hydro-Quebec.

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