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Landfill Gas Services

A precise evaluation of landfill gas emissions is essential for any project aiming for environmental control or landfill gas utilization. It enables the determination of appropriate dimensions for gas recovery and energy production equipment. An accurate evaluation ensures the long-term financial success derived from landfill gas utilization. Biothermica’s expertise covers the following aspects:

Evaluation of landfill gas generation
Using a georeferenced surface sampling technique developed by Biothermica in the early 1990s, the actual quantity of landfill gas being emitted into the atmosphere can be evaluated. If a substantial landfill gas presence is found, a dynamic pumping test is performed in order to determine the precise quantity and quality of landfill gas produced.

Characterization of landfill gas
Landfill gas samples are collected and sent to specialized laboratories to identify all chemical compounds in the landfill gas (organochlorines, sulfur compounds, chlorofluorocarbon, siloxanes etc…). This analysis is essential for preventing any corrosion in the landfill gas treatment system.

Evaluation of the potential for future generation of methane
Mathematical models developed by Biothermica are used to simulate future generation of landfill gas based on various parameters calibrated according to data measured on site. Moreover, during dynamic pumping tests, samples of organic matter can be collected and analyzed in a laboratory to determine organic matter content and, as a result, the future landfill gas generating potential.

Evaluation of future potential for energy production and greenhouse gas reduction
Based on estimates of landfill gas generation and the market price of energy, Biothermica selects the best technology for utilizing the landfill gas (diesel plant, gas turbine, purification of the landfill gas into pipeline-quality gas) and forecasts potential greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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