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Jun 6 2022
Un projet structurant aux Gonaïves

Un "projet structurant aux Gonaïves qui aura des retombées positives multiformes en termes de développement durable", selon l'Ambassade du Canada en Haïti

Mar 4 2021
Biothermica receives a grant for a climate cooperation project in Togo
Mar 25 2014
Biothermica announces signature of electricity sales contract with Hydro-Quebec Distribution (French)
Nov 13 2012
Biothermica Wins International Clean Technology Award
Jul 27 2011
Biothermica Appoints Nicolas Duplessis as VP, Air & Coal Mine Methane
Jul 13 2011
Biothermica acquires control of Gazmont
Oct 5 2010
Biothermica and Walter Energy Agree to Develop Ventilation Air Methane Projects
Jun 15 2010
Biothermica Registers First Coal Mine Methane Carbon Credits with the Climate Action Reserve
Feb 2 2010
Biothermica Lists First Coal Mine Methane Project with the Climate Action Reserve
Oct 22 2009
Biothermica Inducted into Canadian Hall of Excellence
Apr 13 2009
First-of-Kind Coal Mine Methane Mitigation System in America Now Fully Operational
Apr 28 2008
Key Approval Granted for First-of-Kind Coal Mine Methane Mitigation Project in North America
Feb 6 2007
Biothermica Energy Sells 325,000 Carbon Credits to the government of Luxemburg

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