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Landfill Gas Services

Once the evaluation of the resource is completed, it needs to be managed in order to minimize impacts on the environment and public health and maximize equipment profitability. Biothermica has more than 20 years of experience in the management and environmental monitoring of gases generated at landfill sites. Biothermica’s expertise covers the following aspects:

Design and construction of recovery and flaring systems
The design is optimized according to the permeability and porosity of the soil, water levels, waste depth and expected landfilling sequence. The design also takes into account surface concentrations of methane which have been previously measured using a georeferenced surface sampling technique. Engineering services include the detailed design of landfill gas recovery, pumping and flaring systems. Biothermica also proceeds with the review, inspection and management of construction works as well as the start-up and commissioning of the landfill gas recovery system.

Operation of recovery system and environmental performance follow-up
Biothermica offers landfill gas recovery system managers and owners the possibility of subcontracting system operations. Biothermica has the required knowledge for data collection and analysis, ensuring optimal management of the landfill gas recovery system, minimization of environmental impacts and optimization of resource utilization. Biothermica created the LFGsim® software program, a tool for analysis and management that enables improvements to landfill gas recovery and environmental follow-up. Biothermica has developed several techniques for ensuring an objective and thorough follow-up of landfill gas recovery system performance:

  • Measurement of surface emissions;
  • Measurement of methane concentrations in buildings;
  • Measurement of methane concentrations in the soil at property limits;
  • Setting up of ambient air sampling stations and localization strategy;
  • Evaluation of collection system efficiency.

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