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Biothermica appoints Nicolas Duplessis as Vice President, Air & Coal Mine Methane

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Montreal, Canada, July 27, 2011 – Mr. Guy Drouin, President and CEO of Biothermica, today announced the appointment of Nicolas Duplessis, Engineer, as Vice President, Air & Coal Mine Methane (CMM).
In his new role, Mr. Duplessis will be responsible for managing all activities and driving growth related to Biothermica’s proprietary technologies for controlling industrial air pollution emissions (BIOTOX®, CLINOX®, etc.) and mitigating methane emissions, a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG), from coal mine ventilation exhaust air (referred to as ventilation air methane or VAM) (VAMOX®).
The VAMOX® is the cornerstone of Biothermica’s strategy for tapping into the CMM abatement market as an investor and developer of projects that generate recurring revenues from the sale of carbon offset credits.
Mr. Duplessis joined Biothermica in 2006 as Director of Development, Technologies & Markets. Before joining Biothermica, he had accumulated crucial knowledge and insights during his more than 6 years in the aerospace industry. Of those, he has lived almost 4 years abroad in the U.S.A. and France while coordinating activities, clients and team members across several continents.
In his past role of Director of Development, Mr. Duplessis has proven to be instrumental in the success of multiple projects and key activities. Above all, he has been the driving force behind the positioning of Biothermica as a world leader for abating VAM emissions.
This appointment also marks a strategic reorganization of Biothermica’s management aimed at stimulating growth and optimizing the use of resources to achieve new heights of success.
“I am extremely pleased about the opportunity to take this new role and have the chance to contribute more profoundly to Biothermica’s development,” said Mr. Duplessis. “The VAMOX® and BIOTOX® are outstanding solutions and Biothermica’s unique approach to the marketplace represents a tangible advantage for our partners and clients.”
About Biothermica
Founded in 1987, Biothermica is a leader in the development, financing, building and operation of projects which capture and destroy methane emitted by landfill sites and underground coal mines. As a fully integrated project developer, the company also monetizes the carbon offset credits generated by its projects on the international markets. Biothermica has completed carbon projects in North and Central America. Biothermica also provides turn-key solutions for the control of industrial air pollution emissions. For more information about Biothermica, please visit the company web site at

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