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Coal Mine Methane

Over the past years, Biothermica has studied the specificities of coal mining operations, heavily invested in R&D and has been actively involved with CMM recovery stakeholders around the world. As a result, VAMOX® is specifically designed to maximize the performance and profitability of VAM oxidation projects.

VAMOX® features high reliability, minimized capital expenditures, low operational and maintenance costs, fail-safe design and high efficiency over a broad range of methane concentrations. VAMOX® systems are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. It is the ideal solution for mines and project developers alike.

Advantages of the VAMOX® system

  • Unit capacity up to 170 000 Nm3/h (100 000 SCFM)
  • Methane concentration range: 0,2% to 1,2%
  • Up to 98% destruction efficiency
  • Low parasitic power consumption
  • Oxidation temperature as low as 800°C

Chart showing the greenhouse gas emission reduction potential with Vamox technology


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