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Guy Drouin honoured by Canada's Clean50

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Guy Drouin, President and CEO of Biothermica, Honoured by Canada's Clean50

Recognized as a leader of Canada's green economy

Montréal, September 20, 2016 - Guy Drouin, President of Biothermica Carbone Inc., is among the recipients of the Canada's Clean50 award (, which honours leaders from the research community, companies, non-governmental organizations and governments that have distinguished themselves over the last two years by their contribution to sustainable development.  Last year's honorees included such notable Canadian figures as Catherine Potvin, creator of Sustainable Canada Dialogues; Chris Ragan, Chair of Canada's Ecofiscal Commission; and Stewart Elgie, founder of Smart Prosperity.

The president and founder of Biothermica was recognized with this award for the development and marketing throughout the world of the VAMOX technology, which destroys methane emissions resulting from coal mining operations.

These emissions alone make up about 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  Under Guy Drouin's leadership, Biothermica financed, built, owned and operated the first coal mine methane abatement system in North America.  This allowed the company to generate more than 80,000 offset credits, which were sold on the California's carbon market.  With this sale, Biothermica became the first Canadian company to offer this type of credit on the Californian market.

About Biothermica

Founded in 1987, Biothermica is a leader in the development, financing, construction and operation of projects aiming at the destruction and valorization of methane emitted by landfills and underground coal mines.  As an integrated developer, the company also sells the carbon credits and electricity generated by its projects on domestic and international markets.  Biothermica has completed carbon credit and electricity generation projects in North and Centrale America.


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