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VAMOX® Process Simulator

Key of Success: Knowing how to manage heat as a function of methane concentration

The abatement of methane release a large amount of heat inside the RTO. Since the concentration of methane in VAM is highly variable, and the use of a gas burner to regulate temperature inside the RTO is prohibited for VAM abatement, the main challenge of this application is to maintain the system within the proper range of temperature to maximize performance while preventing overheating issues.

The main technical outcome of the 1st VAMOX® project was the development of a proven process simulator, which has then become a reliable tool to:

  • Guide the design of a large scale Vamox system.
  • Develop optimized control strategies.
  • Predict performance of future projects.



Key calculations

Methane oxidation reaction rate
Methane oxidation reaction rate
 Heat exchange rate between gas and ceramic
 Pressure drop throught the system

Key results

Temperature profile in ceramic beds
Temperature profile at stack
 Flow and power consumption (fan's performance)

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